Glass Bead Jewelry

I make the original "StellArt glass beads" with Italian Moretti glass made in the Effetre factory in Murano. Beads may be made from single colors or from as many as five different colors.

Most pieces shown are necklaces with a few earrings (see below). I can design accompanying bracelets and earrings using the same materials as shown for the necklaces. The bottom of the page displays sets of single beads.

Each piece is handmade and unique. If you like a piece that is already sold, I can create a similar piece to order, though it will not be exactly the same to preserve the uniqueness of each piece.


Bracelet made of nice handmade glassbeads, pearls and other beads.

#: GB-11-2012



Bracelet made of handmade glassbeads and sterling silver beads.

#: GB-9-2012


Price: $ 35

Bracelet made of handmade glassbeads and sterling silver beads.

#: GB-8-2012

Length: 19,5 cm

Price: $ 38


Nautilus Blue

Glass beads with Thai sterling silver. The beads are inspired in shape and color by the Nautilus shell found on the beaches of the Southern Philippines. The silver beads are made by the Karen hilltribes of Thailand.

#: GB-26

Length: 44-50 cm

Price: $ 72


Blue and bi-colored glass beads



#: GB-25

Lenght: 44 cm

Price: $ 48


Green glass beads with Thai silver spacers



#: GB-24

Length: 43-48 cm

Price: $ 57


Romblon Marble

Glass beads inspired by the patterns and color of marble found on the Philippine island of Romblon, interspersed with small freshwater pearls.

#: GB-23

Length: 43 cm

Price: $ 44


Dotted glass beads; amethyst color on snow-white background




#: GB-22

Length: 40-48 cm

Price: $ 21


Tiger Pearls


Tiger-striped glass beads, interspersed with monochrome amber and amethyst colored spacer beads

#: GB-20

Length: 46 cm

Price: $ 43




Red, white, and turquoise-green colored beads in different shapes (round, square, cylinder) make this a youthful yet eloquent piece of jewelry

#: GB-19

Length: 44-50 cm

Price: $ 46



Amazon Green

Jungle green melted into Ivory White gives these beads the look and feel of tropical jungle


#: GB-18

Length: 43-49 cm

Price: $ 60


Glass beads in various shades of green inspired by the tropical trees growing on Mount Makiling of the Philippines

#: GB-17

Length: 44-49 cm

Price: $ 15


Turquoise-blue and Ivory colored beads

#: GB-16

Length: 43 cm

Price: $ 11


Dark-blue combined with pastel-green beads. A small set of beads on a simple cord.


#: GB-15

Length: 44-50 cm

Price: $ 11


Black-and-white "eyes" on bright red background. A set of beads and small Swarovski crystals on a simple cord.


#: GB-27

Length: 44-50 cm

Price: $ 11

Ocean Cool

The freshness of the ocean inspired me to design a bead necklace that reverbrates with the coolness of the deep blue

#: GB-14

Length: 44 cm

Price: $ 28


Crimson Polka

Glass beads: crimson specks on snow-white background make for an eloquent ornament for any ocasion

#: GB-13

Length: 40-46 cm

Price: $ 18


Dutch Feeling

The black and white in these rare square beads are an hommage to the Frysian cows of Holland

#: GB-09

Lengh: 44 cm

Price: Sold



Transparent beads with threads of green, interspersed with antique-silver colored acrylic beads.


#: GB-08

Length: 43 cm

Price: Sold


Pearls of Azure

Sense the cool breeze of the tropical ocean while gliding your feet through the warm white sand...


#: GB-07

Length: 44 cm



Purple-blue frenzy


Delightful purple-blue colored beads, interspersed with small silver beads


#: GB-06

Lenght: 49 cm

Price: $ 69




Snow drops


Transparent beads with interwoven snow-white threads


#: GB-05




Glass beads: pastel-blue drops and circles on ivory-white background


#: GB-04

Length: 44