Mixed Materials Jewelry

The pieces shown here combine various materials such as sterling Thai silver from the Karen hilltribes, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, Svarovski crystals, and glass beads. Each piece is made from a careful selection of materials. If you like a particular piece that is already sold, I can create a similar piece but not exactly the same to preserve the uniqueness of each piece. Most pieces shown are necklaces, but I can design and create accompaying bracelets and/or earrings to order.



Karen hilltribe silver disks with black onyx



#: MM-30

Length: 43-50 cm

Price: $ 89

Karen hilltribe twisted silver leafs with black onyx



#: MM-29

Length: 48 cm

Price: $ 66

Black-and-white Nautilus-shaped glass beads with black onyx


#: MM-28

Length: 45-52 cm

Price: $ 25

Blue glass beads with Thai hilltribe silver beads


#: MM-27

Length: 43-50 cm

Price: $ 75

Nautilus Blue

Glass beads with Thai sterling silver. The beads are inspired in shape and color by the Nautilus shell found on the beaches of the Southern Philippines. The silver beads are made by the Karen hilltribes of Thailand.

#: MM-26

Length: 44-50 cm

Price: $ 72

Twisted Thai silver leafs mixed with deep-red glass beads. The pendant is a disk of Thai sterling silver made by the Karen hilltribes. A piece for smart evenings and fancy coctails!


#: MM-25

Length: 59 cm

Price: $ 149

Coral Garden

Glass beads inspired by the colors of the tropical coral reefs of the Philippines. The cylinder-shaped beads take their color and pattern from the nudibranch Chelidonura hirundinia. The pendant is Thai sterling silver from the Karen hilltribes.

#: MM-24

Length: 52 cm

Price: $ 61

Black, red, and white multi-colored beadsglass with Thai sterling silver.



#: MM-23

Length: 44-50 cm

Price: $ 77

Karen hilltribe silver leaf pendant on  necklace with Afghan turquoise stones



#: MM- 22

Length: 50-56 cm

Price: $ 122

Karen hilltribe silver bead, blue turquoise stones, twisted silver wire, and glass beads



#: MM- 21

Length: 45 cm

Price: $ 55 Sold


Twisted silver wire balls with black onyx stones



#: MM- 20

Length: 43 cm

Price: $ 85

Karen hilltribe silver beads with transparent blue glass beads



#: MM- 19

Length: 47-51 cm

Price: $ 76

Twisted silver wire with orange agate (top) and black onyx (bottom). bracelets



#: MM- 18

Length: 21 cm

Price: $ 28

Twisted silver wire with orange agate 


#: MM- 17

Length: 45 cm

Price: $ 59

Silver wire with orange agate and antique-silver colored acrylic beads



#: MM- 16

Length: 44-48 cm

Price: $ 28

Twisted silver wire with orange agate; bracelets and earrings



#: MM- 15


Price: 40 $ (per set of one bracelet and one pair of earrings) Sold

Silver wire balls with lapis lazuli beads



#: MM- 14

Length: 45 cm

Price: $45 Sold

Twisted silver wire with green turquoise beads



#: MM- 13

Length: 45

Price: $ 50

Stringed red glass seed beads with antique-silver colored acrylic chokers



#: MM- 12

Length: 51 cm

Price: $19

Necklace of transparent red glass beads with a Thai hilltribe silver pendant



#: MM- 11

Length: 46

Price: $ 80 Sold

Necklace of twisted silver wire and blue pearls, with a Thai hilltribe silver pendant



#: MM- 10

Length: 50/20 cm

Price: $ 80 (per set) Sold