About Stellart

I was introduced to the art of jewelry making a few years ago by a friend of mine here in Los Banos, The Philippines. I started designing simple necklaces and earrings using materials I sourced from Quiapo, a former village in the Philippines now absorbed in the greater city of Manila. The materials I used were mostly freshwater pearls from the Philippines,  semi-precious stones (eg lapiz lazuli, turquoise, agate, onyx, sodalite), Swarovski crystals, and various types of glass beads and pendants. Fascinated by the beauty and versatility of glass beads, I took a course in glass bead making in The Netherlands and now design and make my own beads. The source glass I use is mostly Moretti glass produced in the Effetre factory in Murano, Italy. I combine these glass beads with silver beads and pendants produced mostly by the Karen hilltribes of Thailand and which I obtain in markets in Bangkok. I recently followed a short course on silver jewelry and am currently experimenting with making my own designs for silver pendants combined with precious and semi-precious stones. Beside silver, I also use rhodium beads of various shapes and sizes as a less expensive but durable material.

Having lived for almost 15 years in the tropics (Costa Rica, and currently the Philippines), I derive the inspiration for my designs from tropical oceans, coral reefs, and evergreen forests. I simply love the blue freshness of oceans and the sensual green of the forests. Under water, coral reefs harbor an explosive variety of colors and shapes in fish, coral, anemones, nudibranches, starfish, shells and much more. I try to capture this unique underwater life especially in my designs of glass beads where I can freely experiment with shape and color.

By the way, the creative arts seems to run in the family. My brother Daan Parmentier makes beautiful sculptures and paintings and you can view his work on: http://www.tuinbeelden-modern.nl

I hope you like my jewelry. Please don't hesitate to contact me when there is something you like or when you have special wishes regarding materials or size/shape of jewelry.

Stella (stellabouman@gmail.com)