Suhay is a charity organisation in Los Banos, Philippines. Suhay is a Tagalog word that means 'support' or 'prop' such as a bamboo pole that might hold up a structure threatened by a storm. The charity organisation uses the term to illustrate the group's work to support the Los Banos community. 

Suhay was organized in 1964 as an informal association of concerned members of the IRRI-UPLB community interested in helping out the area's less privilleged (IRRI - International Rice Recearch Institute; UPLB - University Philippines Los Banos). Activities have changed over the years as the needs in the area have changed. At one time or another, Suhay has provided medical assistance, helped to set up blood donor rosters, sponsored mulnutriton wards for children, and provided food and clothing to victims of typhoons, floods and other natural disasters.

Currently, Suhay sponsors two feeding centers with pre-school instructions for 50 malnourished children. Our group is accredited by the Municipal Government of Los Banos and is a member of the Municipal Nutrition Council. Operating funds come from donations of members and various fund-raising activities.

The children of Los Banos thank you sincerely  for your support!